Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: The Bull and Bear

The Bull and Bear

The Ideal Stock Market Gift


The bull and bear icons transform The Market Series A from a poetically connected device to a symbolic work of art. They are a prudent choice for a piece that moves with the ebb and flow of the markets, but they presented their fair share of design challenges.

Both animals are copper plated, which serves to tie together the brass colors of the plank and the dark rich reds and browns of the New Guinea Rosewood base. They shine in a gilded, luxurious way that elevates the appearance of The Market even further by accentuating the details of each animal.

The unique bull design is inspired by the look and feel of the famous Wall Street Charging Bull sculpture. He is mounted by three feet, as is the bear, to ensure their secure fit to the brass plank. And both animals were created with balance and weight in mind, so that the mighty but small motor powering The Market remains accurate and effective when it's moving the hefty symbols.