"The Market" Dad's and Grads GIft Idea

Smart Art for the Financial World

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"...a stunning object that deserves to have pride of place on your desktop or mantelpiece."

Digital Trends

Crafted from New Guinea Rosewood and natural metals, the piece is an elegant answer to the question: "What if the objects that beautify our space could also communicate what's going on in the world.”

Chicago Men's Book

This thing is gorgeous.  It’s incredible. I love it.

Owner, The Market Series A006

Love it!  I have been checking it just to make sure it is accurate and ....... it is!!

Owner, The Market Series A004

I gave the item as a gift to a friend of mine who was totally taken aback and in shock and awe. He found it to be a beautiful piece that he also described as very classy and informative in the best way possible. 

Customer, The Market Series A119


This is the first release of this rare object. Only 300 available in our Series A. Each piece will come with its own production number and series identification.

At August & Wonder, we look at the world with awe and quiet contemplation.

Our beautiful and useful pieces give you a magical glimpse into the changing patterns of the natural and man-made world. They touch you with their poetry and playfulness. They also make the ideal stock market gift for the investor in your life.

Without needing to shout, our objects speak to your heart and mind. Informing you, but also, at a glance, making you feel a sense of wonder.