"The Market" Dad's and Grads GIft Idea

Experience Market Drama at a Glance

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Introducing "The Market"

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Winning trades, losing trades, fear, greed, sadness, happiness… Everything is in a constant flux.

Yvan Byeajee

Limited Edition - Only 300 Available

This is the first release of this rare object. Only 300 available in our Series A - to be released June 2018. Each piece will come with its own production number and series identification.

August & Wonder looks at the world with awe and quiet contemplation.

Beautiful yet useful. Our pieces give you a magical glimpse into the changing patterns of the natural and man-made world. They touch you with their poetry and playfulness.

Without needing to shout, our objects speak to your heart and mind. Informing you, but also, at a glance, making you feel a sense of wonder.