Production Update June 8, 2018

While The Market Series A has been receiving high praise over the past week from folks like Digital Trends and Portland Monthly, behind the scenes we are working hard to start shipping to our many pre-order customers at the end of June. 

Here's a look on what's been going on:

We've created our own motors for The Market, designed to our specifications for accuracy and quiet operation. The design has been tweaked to minimize noise even further and motors are now in production.

Getting the wood base just right for production has turned out to be one of the bigger challenges. Because the circuit boards and motor attach directly to the base, getting the shape and cuts right require meticulous multi-access CNC work.  Also, we wanted to match the look and feel of the beautiful mahogany on the prototype base, but  do so with a more sustainable wood.  It look some time but we found just the right wood, New Guinea Rosewood.  (Please note, while it has the name Rosewood,  our base wood is an entirely different genus from protected rosewoods).

Prototype base on the left. Production base on the right. Looking beautiful!

The molds are being created and manufacturing of the first run parts is ramping up. We've also been working to get the various plating colors and finishing spot on. 

We have our sample final production boards have come in and are running final tests. Once they test out, we'll push go on the production run. 

We are going through final testing with our latest version of the firmware, making sure everything functions well and the control button interactions make sense.  We've had to switch up our cryptocurrency API as our previous one proved unreliable, but that appears to be sorted. And we've added the ability to track Bitcoin Cash. We are getting ready to start the process of publishing the August & Wonder app to the Apple App store and Google Play stores. 

So, a LOT to pull together! But it's all getting very real, and each day we get a little closer to delivering that moment of delight when our first customers receive their Market Series A.

If you haven't already placed your order, I recommend not waiting and 
pre-ordering The Market Series A Limited Edition today.  

Thank you for being a part of this journey!