Introducing The Market Series Display Case

The Market Series A is a work of art that beautifully communicates the state of the financial world in real time. As a work of art, we thought it was appropriate to give people the option to display The Market Series A as art. 

So I'd like to introduce The Market Series Display Case.

Designed specifically for The Market, this display case is the perfect way to protect and display this fantastic piece.

The case comes in two versions: real glass or high quality plexiglass. Both versions have real brass edging, and a beautifully finished mahogany veneer base. 

While protecting your Market Series A from dust and prying hands, the case also frames the piece to create a dramatic presentation that will draw attention from friends, colleagues and clients.

This case is compatible with both the plug-in and cordless version, and is designed so that the power cable passes seamlessly through the back of the base. 


See full details here.