Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: The Base

By Matt Werbach January 28, 2019

There is something mesmerizing about The Market Series A. It’s an artful piece that moves seamlessly with the ebb and flow of the financial markets. But that doesn’t happen by accident.

Each component came with a unique set of design challenges. We asked ourselves a million questions. What is the right weight for the bull and bear so the motor runs efficiently? How can we be sure the scale is precise and readable? Which sustainable wood presents the rich, deep color we’re looking for in the base?

We poured over every detail, marrying technology and connection with art-in-motion, until we created the poetic symbol now known as The Market.

For the first time, we would like to take The Market Series A apart for you. We would like to show you how it all works. Let's start with the base.

stock market gift


Why New Guinea Rosewood?

The base of The Market hides the components and circuitry that make the whole thing work. It takes an incredibly tricky and precise five-axis cnc machine cut to accurately fit the motor and electronics, which are mounted directly to the wood. It’s worth the painstaking precision when you see the snug, seamless fit created inside the base.

Because sealed wood is more environmentally friendly than stained wood, we needed to find just the right tree that displayed the natural and rich color we were looking for. Sustainability was also a consideration when we nixed walnut, beech, and mahogany.

Then we tried New Guinea Rosewood. We knew we had found the answer. It is a natural deep and rich red that melds beautifully with the copper and brass of the The Market, and it’s sustainable.  

stock market gift

Next week, we’ll take a look at the motor that powers the smooth motion of The Market. It is a small but mighty piece of the puzzle, and it definitely came with its fair share of design issues.


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The Market Series A: Symbol of Market Skill & Success


Founder & CEO Steve August


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