The Market Series A plus Display Case Bundle

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Save up to $100 when you combine our Market Series A Limited Edition with a Market Series Glass Display Case. 

Save $100 when you pair with The Market Series A Cordless, or save $50 when you pair with The Market Series A plug-in. 

We've created the ultimate gift package for finance pros, day traders and crypto fans. It includes:


The Market Series A is the kinetic sculpture meticulously crafted to move when the financial world moves. 

Connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi, it can track eleven global stock market indices and five major cryptocurrencies, tilting in real time to precisely indicate day over day market changes with an accuracy of up to 1/10%.

The owner can control which index or cryptocurrency their Market is tracking and how often it updates via a free iOS or Android app. 

Typically ships next day. 

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Designed specifically for The Market, this display case is the perfect way to protect and display your Market Series Sculpture. 

The case comes features 1/8 double strength glass, real brass edging, and a beautifully finished mahogany veneer base. 

Your display case is built to order and comes complete and delivered fully assembled. Each case is packed in a full wood crate for protection and fully insured.

PLEASE NOTE: Display cases are made to order and ship 5-8 weeks from order. 

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