Every detail of  The Market Series A is being meticulously crafted to create an exclusive and unique object in the world. From the ampersand stamped into the front axle cap, to the accent lines of the plank and sextant, to the series letter and number etched onto the back cap, every detail is carefully considered. 

Even surfaces that are hidden from view receive a high level of attention. Take the metal plate underneath the wooden base that encloses the inner workings of The Market. Even here, we've given The Series A a unique mark:  the paisley ampersand laser etched into the metal of the baseplate. 

Only the Series A will have this mark, designating each as one of just 300 to ever be created. Here's a sneak peek, with apologies for the quality of the image taken after a production test. 

It's this old world attention to detail fused with Internet of Things technology that makes The Market so magical and unique. 

If you've been on the fence about getting a Series A, now is the time to act, with our pre-order pricing period rapidly drawing to a close.   

There's a small window of opportunity to get yours at the pre-order price of $495 plug-in/$525 cordless.  But that window is closing very soon. If you haven't already, put in your Pre-Order today.