Production Update August 21, 2018

By Steve August August 21, 2018

Time for another production update on The Market Series A.

We remain on track to start shipping at the end of the month though there a couple of parts (chargers, packaging) that look like they are going to make it a little bit of a nail biter.  

Here's the highlights of what's been going on some behind the scenes news and notes:


Zinc sextant parts, before being plated with brass.  
The Market has a myriad of components, some physical and some virtual. Progress has been really good on all fronts. Cast parts have been refined and the plating colors and textures dialed in. Both iOS and Android apps are now available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Testing routines for electronics have been created and are getting ready to be run this week. 


The Market has a USB plug/charger to provide power and charge up the batter for the cordless model. We had identified a supplier who offered a plug modeled after the class Samsung plug with the USB cord plugging into the side. They also were able to brand it.  It looked great we ordered up a batch of them. (pictured left)

However, when we got them, and took them out of the plastic, we discovered the faces with the August & Wonder logo were all scuffed up and looking very used. This was unacceptable quality to us. 

To our chagrin, we discovered that everybody offer this kind of charger is using factory defects and seconds and reselling them as new. Thank goodness for Trade Assurance coverage!

Ultimately, we had to switch style of chargers (pictured right). It's a bit more subtle of a look, but I am pleased with it. And most importantly it meets my quality standard. 


I wanted the case for The Market to make it feel like you were opening a treasure, or an old world instrument. And of course the case needs to provide great protection for shipping. I think we've succeeded nicely and I'm happy to share a sneak peek. There's still a few details to perfect with the fit of the sleeve, but those should be easy fixes. 

The only potential issue is timing. The packaging has taken longer than expected, and it will come down to the wire. Our goal is to get at least enough cases to start shipping first units by the target date of August 31st. 

Each day we get closer and closer to shipping The Market Series A - stay tuned for more updates soon!

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